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May 20, 2009

Week of 5/11/09

Monday 05/11/09
3.5 gallons from the girls this morning!
I separated all the cream I could for butter making (yield: 1 gallon of cream).
I also started a 3 gallon batch of cheddar cheese.
Hattie’s blood work is in the mail, we should have her results by Thursday.
It was very hot and humid this morning; afternoon showers cooled us of somewhat.
The cucumbers are blooming! There are cucumbers and watermelon coming up in the pasture, leftovers from cow treats.
I worked from home today; Dave went and picked up a freezer for the pork and soon to be sent beef. We should be hearing anytime that the pork is ready.
We collected 9 eggs tonight—two days worth. I think the hens are happy being outdoors!

Tuesday 05/12/09
Happy Birthday Josh!
No milking this morning, I had to travel.
Josh picked our favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. It was a delight to see Norma and have treats from her kitchen. She has requested I bring in fresh sweet basil when we have some. She has bought an old home in town to move her restaurant to; I think I will take her some herb plants for the landscaping.
It was a nice dinner and a relaxing evening.

Wednesday 05/13/09
We milked 3.5 gallons this morning.
The grass is really coming on now; we have had a little shower each afternoon. The good grass is the reason for the milk increase, that and the fact that we are milking both cows right now. I will definitely dry off Clemmie soon. No sign of heat in Hattie; I can hardly wait for the blood test results. They should be in tomorrow. The cucumbers, hops and beans seem to be in a race to see which can grow the fastest!
We picked our first ripe tomato today!!! Yippee!!

Thursday 05/14/09
Hattie gave 3 gallons; we have stopped milking Clemmie.
The blood tests came in—open (negative). Drat!
I saw a hummingbird this morning. Time to clean and fill their feeders!
I pulled a couple of test carrots, they are not very big yet (3”).
A few of the cherry tomatoes are beginning to ripen.
I am looking forward to the summer-long harvest of tomatoes; even the part where every surface in the kitchen is full of them.
I had an eye exam today. For the last 2 months my eyesight has been driving me nuts. The test revealed a stigmatism and of course the need for bifocals.

Friday 05/15/09
Hattie gave 2.5 gallons. Clemmie just streams milk when it is milking time, poor girl. I have to be diligent and not milk her so she can dry off.
I worked from home today, very productive and I caught up on several reports.
The kids and I went to see the movie Wolverine. It was a great action-packed show!

Saturday 05/16/09
Hattie gave 1+ gallon—we slept in and Princess had already had a large breakfast!
I skimmed milk to make butter. I picked strawberries to mix in my morning yogurt. The blackberry vines are beginning to put on fruit!
I did some weeding and cleaning in the garden area.
I cleaned out the kitchen freezer which led to a cooking frenzy! I made homemade vanilla ice cream, peach/blueberry cobbler, tomato sauce, and chili.
It rained this afternoon, which cooled things off nicely!

Sunday 05/17/09
Happy Birthday Rylee!!
Hattie gave 2.5 gallons this morning; the hens contributed 3 eggs to the household.
A cool front moved in which has made the temperature outside delightful!
We had a few more showers today.

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