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June 13, 2010

Wow! Time flies!

Two weeks since I have posted, good golly!
I have traveled to Florida the last two weeks for work, and it has been great. Getting to know the facilities and all the people is a challenge and a lot of fun too. Driving from Central Florida to North Miami last week we went past miles and miles of orange groves. The crops were almost all in, and the last of what was being picked was for the orange oil production. On a medical note, seems the hospitals see a fair number of people with chemical burns from it. We also passed the Florida Orange Growers plant where the majority of orange juice in the US is produced. The weather there is about the same as in TX, just more breeze and less humidity. The daily shower helps to cool things off too. I have found a source for farm goods when we relocate, that makes me very happy!
No contract on the house yet, despite lowering the price significantly.
The kids are enjoying being out of school, Josh spent a week at ROTC camp, Charlye is looking for a job.
The garden is in full production. The bounty collected today must have weighed close to 50 pounds between the 4 containers. It was tomatoes, cucumbers and banana peppers.
The squash has never really come back from the squash borer attack, so I will pull it all out and cover that bed (no weeds!).The carrots and garlic are begging to be harvested, I hope to get to them tomorrow.
Dave is teaching me to shoot a handgun, a 9mm. I got it to qualify in the concealed handgun class. I thought about buying the pink model, but it was a double magazine size and was too thick in the grip.

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