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March 7, 2011

LLR Weekly update!

It has been a great week, and we look forward to the next. We may even finally have a calf! ;-)
Garden pics:



Cooking: Made several loaves of sourdough and one loaf of whole wheat/oats/flax bread, also we were gifted a gallon of cream so several pounds of butter were churned! I ordered a kombucha mother culture, greek yogurt culture and will be doing inventory of the cheese cultures so I can get those ordered too. (In preparation of having milk soon, very soon!) 

Dave and I, for the first time in history I think will have the exact same work schedule (both work 3 days and both off 4 days--together!), I am really excited about having more time together!

Wishing you all a healthy and wonderful week!


  1. Great news about the work schedule!

    That cow! I was hoping I would be seeing baby pics!

    The garden is looking very good.

    I will be interested in following your cheese making progress.

    I have been making yogurt and am very impressed with the good flavor. In fact today I cooked some blackberries and cherries from the freezer to add to mine.

    Here butter is selling for over $3 a pound. What a nice gift that cream was.

    Have a good week.

  2. Ahh, I can't believe you're gardening already, our last batch of snow is still melting off!

  3. Oh, wow! Can hardly wait to see the new baby! But your new garden sprouts are driving me nuts! We keep getting hit with rain - which is keeping us from being able to get out to spread mushroom compost and get the rows all hilled for planting. Grrrrrrrr!