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February 6, 2010

Cooper's first week

Well, the first puppy week went pretty well.
Cooper is a little bit shy when he first meets a new person or goes to a new place. He did not say a word on the 3 hour trip home, just laid or sat in the seat next to me looking really cute.
The first night home he cried incessantly from his kennel (in our bathroom), we did not sleep.
The second night he cried intermittently until I gave up at 2 am and took him out. After we came back in he fell asleep under my chair, and I snuck off to bed praying he did not do any damage I couldn't fix in the morning. Sleep came quickly.
The third day Dave was home with Cooper and they napped several times to catch up on their sleep. They napped in the bed! (So much for that rule!) That night Cooper started out sleeping between us, he eventually jumped down to be with Max, they slept quietly all night, we did too.
He has had a few accidents in the house, nothing too major or too messy.
Max absolutely loves him, except when Cooper plays too rough and comes at him with little sharp teeth showing! Max plays tug of war with him, bathes him, rolls him, snuggles him--he is a great big brother!
So far Cooper has learned to retrieve a tennis ball and sits on command about 30% of the time; smart boy!
He was very shy at the vet's office this morning, preferring to snuggle close to us rather than greet Dr. Umlang with a sloppy puppy kiss and wiggle. He is healthy (16 lbs), was started on heartworm prevention and got a clean bill of health. We go back in 3 weeks for his next set of shots and in a few months he will be neutered.


  1. He's a beauty! Thanks for the wonderful story.

  2. He is absolutely adorable! I am glad that Cooper and Max are getting along so well!

  3. That is just the cutest little guy ever! I love the thought of Dave and Cooper napping together. That reminds me of my Dad and his dog, Ralph.

  4. About as good looking a pup as you're gonna see. I'm so glad the two dogs are getting on well together. I love a happy pack playing together.