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January 30, 2010

The impatient gardener

I couldn't wait! I had two varieties of tomatoes that I want to grow, so I started the seeds. They are up! The pic is not the best, but you can see little green shoots coming up.
The garlic bulbs are Roso de Castro Creole. They smell as good as they look! I have planted over 100 cloves. The weather this week is back to being influenced by Canadian air, so the greens I planted last week may freeze. The garlic will be ok though.
Today is errand day and probably bread or baking day. Tomorrow Charlye and I drive to LA to pick up the puppy. We are so excited and full of anticipation to see him! Dave is preparing the indoor kennel for him today. We have the collar (check), bowl (check), puppy food (check), plenty of extra "barn" towels (check) carpet cleaner (check), all we need now is the pup! I will post pics after we get home and introduce Max.


  1. Beautiful garlic. I will have to check out that variety. Are you really driving to Los Angeles to get the puppy? That's far! Good luck in the car with a new puppy!

  2. How exciting! New puppies are always fun!

  3. LOL! We are driving to Many, Louisiana (LA), about 4 hours each way.

  4. Love the smell of garlic and I keep looking at my seeds too. Telling myself it's long way from lettuce season here. Maybe I'll start some sprouts?

  5. I have been dreaming about gardening, I absolutely can't wait! I can smell the garlic just looking at the pic..yum....Can't wait to see the puppy! I'm hoping to get a Border Collie puppy this summer to help with herding the sheep from pasture to barn for milking. Hopefully the kids can do the herding this year!