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January 16, 2010

Farm in flux--always!

Finally we saw sunshine at sunset tonight!

Daisy in the trailer.

Daisy at home!

Max 2 yrs old.

Max 7 weeks old.
"Vinny", 6 weeks old.

I don't know anyone with a farm (of any size) that is not in flux. Ours too!
Today all the sheep left to live in LA with Theresa and Tom, and their heifer Daisy came to live with us. Daisy is 6 months old and has been handled extensively--which means she is extremely socialized, sweet, docile and trusting of people--fantastic! She traveled well, unloaded well and then discovered pigs. "Yikes! What the heck are those???" As she did heifer sideways cartwheels away from them! They really just wanted to greet her and sniff her. She had a look that clearly said "they smell funny". We plan to keep her in a small paddock for a few days and then put her out with Hattie. We can't put her with Vera yet since Daisy was still nursing some and she would probably try to nurse. We don't need anyone else taking milk from Vera!
Another change that is coming is that Max will be getting a little brother! The breeder we got Max from has another litter from Max's dam ( ). Vinny will be coming home with us in a couple of weeks! Above are pics of Max as a pup/grown and Vinny for comparison.
We are delighted to be able to get Max a brother!


  1. Yeah! Beautiful pictures!

  2. But this is a good flux! Sometimes ours are not.

    The heifer looks like a keeper and the puppy is adorable.

    What do you plan to do with all that milk?

  3. Thanks! We plan to rotate cows so we don't have a dry period. I agree, sometimes the flux is harsh and not so cute (drought and hurricane come to mind). Have a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful heifer and adorable puppy. I'd love an ES. Maybe in the spring/summer. Congrats!