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January 23, 2010

Dirty hands and due date!

This week seems to have gone by faster than the speed of sound!
We took Hattie to be bred by a friend's bull, he did his job and she is due 10/31/10.
Daisy is settling in very well, though unfortunately she is at the bottom of the pecking order, and the big girls remind her of this when it comes to hay or treats.
I got a few things planted in the garden: onion starts, garlic, lettuce, brussel sprouts and cabbage. The 2 broccoli plants and one artichoke are still alive so they did not get fed to the cows! Dave weeded the bed for me so I could just plant things. (sweet!)
When I was buying seedlings in town (completely on impulse, I saw them from the road and had to turn in--no one was harmed in this quick maneuver), the elderly lady behind the counter asked if I needed anything else. I said "No, but the tomato seedlings look good". She said "a-yup" (no hint of enthusiasm). So I asked "What does the Almanac say about frosts and freezes for the rest of the year?"
"It says don't buy tomatoes yet". Dry, dry, dry humor in that one! I am not sure if there was a twinkle in her eye or if it was just kind of rheumy.
I left without any tomatoes. Dave says wait until the end of Feb; Theresa says you have to wait until the peeps (frogs) freeze back 3 times (has only been once so far); Duff says wait on the pecan tree to leaf out (that thing takes forever!). I will wait. If I just cannot stand it one minute more and I buy some seedlings, I will have to keep them in pots in the house until Feb is past. I go through this every year; a couple of sunny, warm days and I am in a rush to get the garden planted! Usually we get a freeze that kills everything a couple of weeks after the garden is planted. I am practicing patience (today).
The garlic soup was not a favorite, it has a water base instead of a cream or broth base is is really quite plain. I did not make the hollandaise or ladyfingers yet, so that is on my list for this week.
I also plan to thaw a ham and let it cook all day in the crock pot for pull-apart pork.
Wishing you a great weekend!


  1. We can't put in our tomatoes until the last week in May. But just like you, we start seeing tomato seedlings in the nurseries in the middle of April. I usually start mine indoors at the end of March. Man, that's still two months away!

  2. I can't take all this garden talk, I can't wait to start seeds! The grouchy old lady is priceless! That's exactly what my Granny Flo would have said!

  3. Yeah, I keep thinking I've got to wait till the emu house/green house arrives. Then I've got to wait till mid March... then I've got to wait...

    I want things to start growing!!

  4. Hey Liz! Great pictures!