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January 3, 2010

Cows are my love, obviously!

We have consigned to buy a heifer from our friend Theresa.
"Daisy" is from a cow that has genetically tested positive for a good amino acid (proline), as opposed to histine. This is a very good thing, and Daisy should carry the genetics to produce milk that has proline. In New Zealand and Australia there has been extensive research done on the difference in milk with proline vs. milk with histine. Here is a link to an article that can explain it much better than I can:
Daisy will be disbudded, vaccinated, halter trained and weaned in February when we go get her!
Daisy is 7/8 Jersey and 1/8 Guernsey; isn't she beautiful?!


  1. She is gorgeous!! Guess I'm just a little bit jealous-since ours are gone! Bet you just can't wait til February! Good luck!!

  2. Let me know if you want another--between us and all the cow friends you can be set up quick! :)

  3. I don't know anything about the proline thing but the calf is beautiful.

    I will check out the link.

  4. Oh I am so excited that you are getting her! How wonderful!