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January 7, 2010

Learned something new today!

Don't laugh (too much), this is not profound but I learned to ride a 4-wheeler today!
It was so much fun, I was laughed until I was crying, or was that the wind chill of 10F? Seriously, I grew up doing all things aquatic. We lived on lakes, rivers, oceans, canals and I learned to swim in the Gulf Stream! Sailing, boating, swimming, fishing, skiing, para-sailing, snorkeling, etc is what our family did. This farming life is relatively new (<10 years), and well I just was so excited to learn a new skill!
I can see why people go hit the trails to ride their ATVs. It is fun! I successfully managed to drive it to the hay barn (at the breakneck speed of 3mph!), pick up a bale of hay and drive it out to the sheep shed. Again I say, wow! Dave says it is remarkably similar to snowmobile driving, so I am one step closer to Maine (in my mind anyway)!
Speaking of sheep...our friend Theresa saw the ad for the sheep today and she would like them--so we are bartering sheep for heifer. Woohoo!! We go make the trade next week!


  1. 4 wheelers are GREAT! They do so much work. If the tractor is too much and the truck not enough, try the 4 wheeler. Fun too. I am glad you get to ride one. They do well in Maine too!

    Thanks for the sheep! Lamb chops forever. And some babies in the future if you ever miss them!

  2. That sounds like an awesome trade! Theresa is wonderful to do business with!

    I love four wheelers! I have been trying to get Mike to buy one for quite a while but he just keeps buying tractors. ;-)

    His cousin has one he keeps at the farm we rent from the in-laws and we us that one some in the summer.