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October 6, 2009

Changes in routine

Cows don't like changes in routine, especially when it involves a change in feeding!

Hattie's foster calf left on Sunday, so we are milking her once a day and have cut her feed in half to help her dry off. She is not in agreement with this particular form of cruelty.

I noticed Monday evening that she had a bloody show in her tail, so even though I saw no signs of mucus she was in heat 2 days prior. I've marked the calendar to expect the next heat and AI again.
Hattie gave 3 gallons today and yesterday, with about a quart at the stripping. Time to make cheese again!

Vera is a wide load, she looks comical when walking or running straight towards me. It reminds me of a stick drawing of a cow! Big round tummy and little stick legs underneath. I don't dare tell her this.


  1. Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think I'm becoming as bad as the cows about changes in routine! I can sympathise with about changes with the feed rations too, I've had to cut back a lot too.