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October 31, 2009

Weekly update

It should be titled 2-week update, I have been neglecting my blogger duties!

The last two weeks have been very wet, the last 2 days we received 4+ inches. There is much mud and occassional mosquitos--I don't dare complain about either because the memory of the drought this summer is still too fresh. The icky, sopping cow pens and pasture will eventually dry out.

Vera is still in full bloom, I look at her closely daily and see minute changes but nothing that says the time is imminent. She holds her tail off to the side all the time now, and though that is a good sign when it is the only consistent sign it meas we still have some time to go. We have about run out of the milk supply from Hattie. She was dripping milk last evening at feeding time and I almost brought her in to milk, but decided against it.

We had homemade lasgna, enchiladas, smoked ribs and brisket last week. Tonight I am going to bake chicken, make a chicken salad and have butternut bisque on the side. I also have a bunch of veggies to chop and bake (squash, etc).

The weather today is absolutely beautiful! I spent time cleaning up the back yard, prunning the fig tree, apple tree, grapes, and wisteria. The confederate rose in the front yard is blooming. Very pretty!

Have a safe and fun halloween!


  1. Hey! I can bring some milk if you run low! Just let me know. Tom is going to Houston on Wendesday and we said we would go with him.

  2. Cool! I just may take you up on that!!!