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November 6, 2009

On the farm this week

NancyPants helping the garlic grow.

Monarch butterfly!

Breakfast at pondside.

Max and the bay leaf tree.

The weather continues to be gorgeous. The monarchs are here, flitting about on flowers and in the air. They are beautiful!
I have been trying to get outside several times a day to get little chores done here and there. I get a little stir crazy when at the computer all day. Dave is off to Iowa to help his folks combine corn and beans (I think the new combine was too much, he had to go drive it!) The weather there has been nice too. Dave is going to pick up Rylee (granddtr) tomorrow for a day or two, I am looking forward to hearing all about their adventures and imaginary playtime!
Tomorrow I plan to work outside on the garden and clean up the hen pen.
Have a great weekend!


  1. If Iowa is anything like MN, the rains have kept most folks from harvesting corn and beans until very late. We are way behind on that stuff.

    I love your bay leaf tree! How old is it? Do you think one of those would do well in zone 4?

  2. Hi Jo! IT is about 5 years old, and if you kept it in a pot so it could be protected in winter I think bay would grow there. They have not had the rain this week, last week they did and it was a mess! They are behind in IA also and the corn will have to be dried longer.