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November 21, 2009

Fun times!

I love this picture.
It is a knock-out rose next to the back porch,
pic taken with the iPhone and the Camera Zoom app.
Vera and Hattie having a rest and a cud.

Hattie and I trying to get a self portrait!
I think we would have done better in a photo booth!

She gave up on posing and decided to try tasting!

I gave up and was laughing too much to concentrate!

Well there is nothing like a cow adventure to get the blood pumping! Last night I looked out toward the garden where the motion sensor light had been on for awhile (cats trip it all the time) and noticed a cow rump in the garden! Vera was out there having a grand time eating kale, carrots, sunflowers and comfrey (found all that out this morning in light). Another cow was laying down by the driveway under the peach trees chewing her cud and the third was still in the pasture wondering how to get out and join the rest! We don't have escape artist cows, just supreme opportunists--we had left the gate unlatched!

We had some great dinners this week: homemade sloppy joes, chicken breasts sauteed in garlic, ginger and turmeric, enchiladas, and this weekend will probably have another version of sloppy joe and a roast.
Vera is still about the same, slow and steady progress.
Happy weekend all!


  1. How Fun! Sorry about the garden, but the story just made me laugh and laugh. Cows do tend to get what they want.

  2. I'm jealous-Our cows ARE ecsape artists!! I tend to look out over the pasture every morning to see IF they are still here or if I have to go hunt them down! Luckily, they know the sound of the 4-wheeler and will come running home! And if you start to split up the comfrey-I'd love to buy some from you-I've been hunting for some!

  3. Love the cow pics. My goats would never let me get that close to them without a fight (or without food). Apparently cows are much more cuddly!