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November 27, 2009

no black friday, just sunshine!

The Thanksgiving feast yesterday was a feast. Mom, Stephen, Charlye, Josh and I enjoyed the roasted bird, mashed potatoes /gravy, cranberry, peas, rolls, and choice of two pies (apple and pumpkin). I just love the way the aroma of the baking turkey fills the house!

We did dishes, fed the animals, deboned the bird and then watched a chick flick (The Ugly Truth). It was a relaxed, enjoyable day! The only down side was that Dave had to work.

No black Friday for us, I just cannot get out in the traffic and mayhem of excessive consumerism. I will stay home today and enjoy the sunshine, do some reading, catch up on gardening and homework and have turkey for lunch!

No calf yet! We are not down to the daily or hourly watch yet, though I am anxious to be!

Her udder continues to grow, mucus continues to flow and the calf is just not ready yet.

Patience, patience I keep telling myself.

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