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October 17, 2009

Fall weather is gorgeous!

Two days ago we had high humidity and temps in the 90s; thankfully a cool front from Canada came through and pushed all that aside! This morning it is 57 and no humidity--gorgeous!!

The sun is shining and there are many projects to work on: soupy cow stalls that need to be cleaned out, weeds to pull, garden beds to cover and solarize (cook), roses to trim, the list is endless. I haven't decided which project to work on yet, guess I'll have another cup of coffee on the back porch and contemplate it some more.

I stopped milking Hattie on Tuesday, she was rather engorged for several days. One evening when I went out to feed I spoke to her (she was standing at the gate by the barn looking in) and all four teats began to run milk. Talk about a letdown! Poor girl, I feel for her but have to be diligent and let her get dried off. Her food intake has been dramatically reduced, she is still not happy with that and can finish her 2 cups of feed/beet pulp by the time I get to the hay barn and start putting hay out. There is plenty of grass right now, thanks to the recent rain turning around the drought. If it was winter and she was on dry lot she would dry off faster without doubt. This morning it looks like her udder is reducing in size, and she did not leak milk when I talked to her.

Vera is about the same--wide load (calf not in the birth canal yet), udder developing and mucus strings on a regular basis. She has decided she will tolerate me touching her, especially when I rub her tail head.

Have a great weekend all! I am heading out doors to enjoy the weather!

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