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December 12, 2009

Another week flies by...

Another week has flown by, amazing!
All is well here, Vera is doing very well at milking. No kicking, no tap dancing, just pooping and/or peeing to show her displeasure. That only lasted the first five days, this morning she did not do either! We are getting a gallon at each milking. Her edema is improving with the red raspberry leaf tea we feed her and the mint udder cream. She is not really letting down the milk supply yet, though I expect her to fairly soon. She is more relaxed with the routine daily.
Dave named the calf Julius since he was born on our friend Julie's birthday. Julius is asserting his independence by sneaking out of the pen when I am milking. He is so cute when he runs and scampers about! Hattie and Elsie have been relegated to the back pasture to simplify milking/feeding time. Hattie was in heat 2 days ago, argh. I will worry about that in a month or two.
We have had a lot of rain in the last week, the barnyard and pastures are very soft and squishy. It seems like it has been 2 weeks since we have seen the sun shine. The good news is that there have only been a couple of nights we had to drain pipes due to freezing temperatures.
Have a great weekend all!


  1. Beautiful! I much prefer squishy pasture to busted pipes...... Have a great week. Congrats on the peaceful routine.

  2. I feel for you with Hattie! I have two cows that are not bred and not showing any sign of heat. Very frustrating! Now that I don't have a bull here, it makes life difficult! I am thinking about a timed breeding, something I have never done before. I need to get these girls bred!

  3. Glad milking is going better.

    Willow hasn't shown a heat that I have caught but she is running with the bull so I am hoping all is over and done with. That is what happened last time. I never saw the deed done, but we have Ginger so it happened.

  4. Glad Vera is being such a good girl! You could keep Julius to breed to Hattie.....