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December 20, 2009

Travel to a foreign land, and halfway back

The last week has been like travel to another land, or planet. I have been completely out of my comfort zone on this trip. This trip to the hospital for surgery last Monday (abdominal hysterectomy). Vital, healthy, nervous one minute and the next thing I know I feel like a mewing kitten relying completely on others for the most basic needs. I was thankful to see Dave's sweet face and know all was well. I tried very hard to be a good patient, and do everything they asked of me! It is not a role I am used to or comfortable in, I could not have done it without the excellent nursing care and Dave's encouragement.
We came home wednesday and suddenly everything looks like a hazard. I cannot stand up straight yet, and am leery of anything that I may trip or stumble on. It is a different perspective to be sure. My surgeon gave me vitamin supplements for healing, as well as arnica for pain/bruising. I am also using arnica gel. I love that they hand out homeopathics!
The only drawbacks have been the deep cough once or twice a day that make me feel like my guts are coming undone, and when I laughed a belly-laugh, which made me cry.
Dave assisted me to the back porch to get some sunshine; I felt a little like a cat taking a sun bath and a little like an invalid at a solarium! Either way, I soaked up as much Vitamin D as I could.
On a really positive note, a friend shared the name of an iPhone app she uses to track calories; it is called "Lose It". It tracks calories, nutrients, exercise, weight, goals, etc. I am using it to track all that, but especially my water intake; I love this app.
Dave has been in charge of milking and all farm chores; he and Vera are doing quite well at milking, as evidenced by a fridge full of milk! Dave banded Julius, so he will soon be a steer. Dave reports all is well in the barn and pasture, except that Julius does not want to come near anymore.
I am thankful for my family and friends and all the help and support they have been. It will be a very different holiday for us (I am not running around preparing, shopping, readying, decorating, baking, entertaining). I am certain the nice, simple holiday we have ahead of us will be very meaningful though different. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. OMG!! I didn't know you were having the hyster! I had mine on 9/11/01-it was one of the best things I've ever done! I'd recommend it to any women having problems! Just take it easy-don't over do and you'll be back to normal quicker than you think! I 'm down sick with flu-I do feel a little better this morning-but not over it yet! We'll just recoup together! Take it easy! susie

  2. Oh, Liz! I didn't realize you were having surgery. It's been recommended to me (or ablation) and I just have closed my eyes and not thought more about it. I hope you heal quickly! I remember the pain of coughing or laughing from my c-section... big hugs (but gentle ones) and warmest wishes!

  3. I'm glad you have such wonderful care! Take it easy, and enjoy the slower paced holidays!
    Healing Wishes and Much Love!

  4. Sending thoughts and prayers for complete healing. Do take care of yourself!


  5. ((((((Hugs)))))

    I am glad to hear you are getting some sunshine. I love cat naps in the sunshine. It is like a little piece o summer.

  6. Hope you are feeling better (I am from Keeping a Family Cow). Whenever you feel a cough or laugh coming, grab a pillow and pull it into your tummy, it will make it hurt a lot less.

    :) Jennifer jdranch

  7. Oof. That's one way to really change how you move. Will pray for healing.

  8. You are all wonderful! Thank you for the encouragement and prayers!