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December 5, 2009

Snow, frost and calf watch

The last week or so has flown by!
Vera is definitely "springing" (getting ready to calve)! I hope to have calf pics up in the next few days, at the most a week. She is grunting, acting agitated (especially with the dog, barn cats and life in general). Today she kept going to the back pasture alone, one area in particular...I think she was nesting. Now she is peeved that we have confined her to the front pasture. Her udder is remarkably bigger, and her ligaments are obviously sunken. We just came in from checking her again and her stand-offishness from Hattie is a pretty big clue. When I put my hand on her side I can feel her contracting a little.
We had snow here yesterday! I was in Beaumont for work and when I exited the hospital at 6 pm there was about 6 inches of accumulated snow on the cars in the lot, big fluffy flakes were falling and the excitement in the air was palpable. This does not happen much in SE Texas!
This morning I took pics of the frosty flowers, pasture and the frozen fence (don't put you tongue on it)!
The cats we have been fostering for the last 3 years went home with their owner today. Lisa is so glad to have a home stateside to take them to. It was a frenzy getting them into the carriers, I hope the settle in quickly for her! It will be weird tonight sleeping without cats snuggled in the bed with us.
Have a great day and I will update when we have a calf!

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  1. She does look eminent! Hope you have a heifer.

    We have had no snow yet, but it is pretty cold.