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May 15, 2010

Cooper's Big Day

Well, it had to happen eventually. The sweet adorable baby boy had to go to the vet for his big boy procedure. Dave had to practically drag him in on his belly. It must smell or sound really bad there. I think some dogs are more sensitive to it than others. Max trots in happy go lucky, and Cooper is absolutely petrified! He is now neutered, micro-chipped and has had his next set of vaccines. The poor baby had a lampshade collar on when I went to pick him up. He was hugging the floor and quivering. He would not look up at me so I had to bend down to get in his lampshade view, he gave a wag but was not interested in moving. He followed to the car and let me lift him in, looking back I think he was in shock. He has such a different personality from Max. Cooper is much more guarded and seems to take everything personally. After we got home Cooper cheered up remarkably! After he ran into the door frame with the lampshade twice and my leg three times with the not-so-soft plastic edges I took his degrading collar off. I was instructed to leave it on for 2 weeks until the sutures dissolve or "until he doesn't bother them". I watched him after I removed it, he is not licking at the incision so he will remain free of the collar.
So, in case the pics are not self explanatory: Cooper in the dreaded collar, Cooper out of the collar (happy face), and my version of Cooper's limited visibility (in this case the back door).
Hug your dog (or cat) today!

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  1. Poor Baby! He will feel better about everything in a couple of days.