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May 1, 2010

Two weeks behind!

Oh goodness! Two weeks behind on blogging, yikes!
The highlights of the last two weeks:
~~We took Daisy to Baton Rouge to meet up at a KFC friend's house (Amanda and Chris) to unload her and let her rest for Sandy (from Tenn) to take her home the next day. We had a great time visiting with them and seeing their gorgeous farm/dairy barn. What a treat! Sandy has let us know just how happy she and Daisy are with each other; it truly sounds like a match made in Heaven. From there we spent the night with lifelong friends Steph and Emile. We had fun playing Scrabble, visiting with everyone and having beignets for breakfast the next day.
~~Hattie goes to her new home two weeks from today. The family has 5 children, they are all looking forward to lots and lots of fresh milk!
~~The house has shown 5-6 times, I am beginning to lose track. We are getting more compliant at "living to show at a moments notice"! In the meantime Dave and I have plans to go look at the area in Florida we are interested in. I am looking forward to seeing homes, fact finding and researching the beaches!
~~I spent 4 days this week in Houston at our Annual Medical Director Forum. It was a wonderful gathering. Besides being exhausted I am rejuvenated and reminded how fantastic the company I work for is!
~~The garden is taking off like great guns! The squash is almost waist high! The leaves are so full and beautiful; this morning I peeked under and saw many blooms growing. The blackberries are covered with unripe fruit and the tomatoes are covered with blooms and new fruit. The broccoli and lettuce have bolted and will be treats for chickens and Hattie tomorrow. The garlic looks to be building heads, as are the onions. Bananas are coming up and all the herbs are expanding to fill the bed. It is an exciting time in the garden!!
~~There was a riot at the high school this week. It was a sickening feeling when Char told me. Our kids are fine and were not in immediate danger, though did witness the events. The reports in the paper and the call that went out to the parents were grossly minimized, as a parent that bothers me greatly. For example, a school security guard was spraying pepper spray in an arc around her into the crowd of kids. Several students were tazed also. I have absolutely no confidence that our kids are safe from harm when over-reacting minimally trained security guards are the safety net.
~~Online classes started Monday and I already have two papers to write. If it all goes according to plan I should finish my Bachelors in Science, Nursing in 10 months. I am striving for the perfect life/work/school balance. I foresee myself not having very much time for lazing about my favorite websites!
~~The weight loss is back on track, even after eating hotel food for 4 days (or maybe because of), looks like the plateau has been busted. I cooked brisket and a real dinner tonight, a treat for all.
Have a great week!!!


  1. Hey there! I can't believe yall are moving! I haven't been to your site in a long time and I was shocked. I do wish all of you the best. The kids will go with you to florida I assume, what do they think about it?
    We wish you the best. Rachelle Bennett and family.

  2. So many changes! You seem to be riding the roller coaster pretty well though. I wish you all the best, Liz! You surely deserve a nice stroll along the beach.

  3. Thank you ladies! Your kind words are sunshine on a cloudy day! :)