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May 2, 2010

Garden pics

Crookneck Squash blooms!

Radish Haul!

The boys laying by the squash/comfrey bed.

Bush Blue Lake Bean Bed.

Cucs are about to start going places!

Hotsy-totsy Pepper Bed!

The sassy cow with the wheelbarrow just after I gave the hens some weeds.

Attack and rub!

What happened to my scratching post?


  1. Your garden is looking great. We are having lettuce and asparagus from radishes. I started the lettuce in side so got a jump start on it.

    Isn't that just like a cow. I knew before I saw the picture that she was going to push it over!

  2. Beautiful garden. And a beautiful girl!

  3. OMG! I am SO jealous-Our garden just does NOT want to grow this year and I'm only 25 miles or so from you! I am really beginning to think we got some bad seeds and plants-my peppers are still the same size they were when I planted them 2 months ago and everything that has come up is very spotty-Guess we'll have to replant!