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March 7, 2010

Farm and Garden pics

Garden Gnome--trying to catch either raindrops, bugs or snow flakes.

Solarizing the flower/pollinator bed.

Two of the beds uncovered today, they solarized for 4 months--beautiful, rich, weed free soil!
Squash is planted in the near one, bush beans in the far.

Roso de Castro Creole garlic--100% germination!

Roma Tomatoes, nursery grown.

Oregano, wintered over very well.

Brussel Sprouts (only for the cows and I, no one else will touch them).

The garden, March 2010.
Vera and Jules (aka: "leech" or "milk hog").

Hattie and Daisy. I must have a soft spot for cows with white foreheads!

Hattie 3.7.10

Daisy, 3.7.10

She is such a sweet little heifer!


  1. What happy pictures.

    That garden is looking very nice. What are the arches on the left side for. They look very interesting.

    I am envious of that full bed of garlic. I just counted 18 plants this morning. I should have planted more!

  2. The arches are pvc covered with netting--for the beans to grow over and shade the herbs in the summer. The herb bed is the one to the right, that will be under the arch, the other one on the left side of the arch is for carrots--on the list for today. :-)