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December 19, 2010

Big News

Charley has applied to 3 colleges--U of Houston, UTx at Austin and Smith College in MA.
On Wednesday she and I were killing time before she could look up online whether she was accepted to Smith or not (her first choice). To kill time we went for a pedicure. It was about an hour until "THE time" and as we were discussing things going on with friends at school, she handed me her phone and said "don't freak out". I figured one of her friends was in a silly picture or worse, a You Tube video. Instead, there were a couple of paragraghs and a small picture, so I went to the picture and enlarged it. When my mind registered what I was seeing my eyes started leaking and I became a blubbering, laughing, crying, nose running, (embarrassing) mom.
Here is the picture:

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