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December 19, 2010

On the farm

Not too much news from the farm, just lots of little projects getting taken care of!
I didn't blog about it last week, but Mike, Natalie and I went on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Tasting Trail. We visited 5 wineries in about 5 hours! At the 5th one you get a crystal wine glass. The next wine even is in February (wine and chocolate trail). That one should be fun too, and we plan to get an earlier start!
It was great fun visiting, touring and tasting at each stop we made--and we discovered some new favorites (Prickly Pear wine, Hibiscus Wine, Bernhardt Cabernet and Retreat Hill Cabriola).

Dave built the second rainwater reclamation system, this time for the hen house/back barn. Now we need rain!
We took the well house door off and repainted it, it is now new red instead of half faded red.
Dave filled up the wood rack, backyard fire pit season is in full swing!

The 8 Knock-Out roses arrived this week which required the weeding of the rose beds, pruning all the existing roses, planting, adding bone meal and then mulching the beds on the south and east side of the house. The west side got cleaned out but we ran out of mulch, so that will keep for another day. The north side is thoroughly neglected and I plan to get to it after the new year.

We plan to go pick up the Guernsey girl this week, hope to sell Ginger and we are also planning at least one morning of fishing together. Dave bought me my own pole this week! It is pink because a % of the proceeds go to fund breast cancer research.

With Christmas, the holidays and the time spent at home I feel so blessed and thankful!
Thankful for my family, friends and farm.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!


  1. So funny-I have the same fishing pole-bought for the same reason! Merry Christmas! Susie