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June 19, 2009

Iowa Trip

It is great to be here! We were looking forward to cool weather when we got here; it was 92 when the plane landed—argh!
Sitting on the back porch we have seen so many different birds than what we have at home: yellow finches, indigo buntings, barn swallows, etc. We heard and saw a Meadowlark; I did not even know what it was singing so beautifully! I will try and get pics, but they move fast! There is also a new litter of barn kittens—wild, but fun to watch scamper and play.
This part of Iowa has had rain every day 1-2” for several weeks. Everything is green and lush. The field corn is gorgeous looking. Jim and Kathleen’s garden is enviable—so many big onions and potatoes. Dave cut asparagus spears, a lovely treat. Kathleen fixed rhubarb pie, another geographical favorite!
The next county over has 100s of wind driven generators--the great big ones like we have seen in West Texas. They are mesmerizing to watch.
Dave’s high school reunion (30 years) festivities were a lot of fun. A gathering on Friday night, a dinner and street dance on Saturday night. The band from Dave’s class played at the street dance, the same set they played in 1979. It was great fun. Heather and James brought Rylee (4yo grand dtr) to see the carnival and visit with us. She is energetic and a great load of fun!!
Sunday morning the church service was nice, and Dave’s brother Doug came to visit for lunch. Sunday afternoon, time to head home. It has been a fun visit!

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