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June 27, 2009

Week of 6/22/09

Monday 06/22/09
Busy day! I had so many conference calls that I rarely left the desk today.
We picked up Hattie and Princess this evening. It is good to have everyone home! Charlye is excited about her trip to MA tomorrow. Josh is looking forward to a trip to the beach later in the week. Dave spent much of the day watering and catching up on farm chores. The cows (Vera and Blackjack) got into the watermelon patch while we were gone. We had not latched the gate and they managed to get in there, they succeeded in stomping, pooping on and chewing up a great number of the melon vines. All we can do now is wait and see and water.

Tuesday 06/23/09
Char’s flight left at 7 am; I miss her already! She will get to visit with her Aunt Sam and Uncle Teo for several days before the Science and Engineering Program starts. I worked from home and Dave did as much as he could outside, with frequent breaks inside to avoid overheating. We are very far behind on rain for the year. The garden is overgrown with weeds; I have resigned myself to just pick what we can and deal with the weeds later.
We milked this morning, 2 gallons—Hattie is holding up because of the change in routine. There was no report of her getting bred or of the bull even being interested. She may be already bred or she may be cystic.
Dave smoked steaks for dinner, they were wonderful! We also had fresh sweet corn from the garden and tomatoes.

Wednesday 06/24/09
Hattie gave 2 gallons this morning. We drew and sent off blood on both cows. I am not very patient when waiting for results to come in!
Josh left tonight for his trip to Galveston. He has been cautioned to avoid getting sunburned.

Thursday 06/25/09
No milking today. I had to hit the road early to travel.
It rained while I was away, looks like <.10 inch, but there were small puddles on the pavement! Every little bit helps. I gave Max a bath this evening. He is clean, but his coat is a mess because I obviously do not know how to get it smooth like the groomer does! He and I both enjoyed getting wet in the hose. I have been fantasizing about getting a pool or swim spa to be able to immerse in. The heat is unbearable. The house was very quiet this evening! I got caught up on reading and homework.
Friday 06/26/09
Hattie gave 2 gallons this morning. It did not seem like she was holding up, I think the heat may be an issue.
Char reports it is 75 degrees and no humidity in MA.
Josh returned this evening, no sunburn!
I made hamburger “helper” for dinner: homegrown hamburger, tomato sauce, pasta noodles and spices in a skillet. Meatloaf sounded good, but I could not bring myself to turn on the oven.

Saturday 06/27/09
Slept in, glorious; no milking today.
Dave and I harvest what we could out of the garden this morning—quite a bit of corn, some cucumbers, tomatoes, one jalapeno, one eggplant and some carrots. All the beans were over ripe, so the cows got them. We also fed them the broccoli plants, kale, carrot tops, corn stalks and sunflowers.
We harvested all the onions too, a pathetic amount. The onion and potato beds are covered up now to cook and hopefully avoid getting any more weeds in them. The hops are hanging in there and slowly growing up their supports. I am considering pulling the bush beans and planting pumpkins in their place; maybe early tomorrow morning.
I cleaned all the viggies and husked the corn (19 ears) this afternoon. There are more tomatoes than I can eat in 2 days. I need to send some to Charlye, or start canning.
Josh and I went to see the movie Transformers this evening at a dine-in theater. It was a pretty good show and a pretty good meal.
Sunday 06/28/09
Hattie gave 2 gallons. I worked in the garden off and on all day; periodically getting overheated. I weeded several beds, and covered one up completely. It was the weediest one and I sacrificed the peanuts in it to be able to not have to worry about it. It felt good to cover it up. I weeded the strawberry bed and one of the corn beds. I harvested the last of the ears from that bed (there is another bed of corn that is not quite ready yet). I left 2 rows of corn stalks to provide a little shade for the butternut and yellow squash I planted. Everything is beginning to look parched, especially the pastures.
Dave brought home red roses for our anniversary today; what a sweetie!
We had leftovers for dinner.


  1. Your trip sounds great! Those naughty cows getting into the melon patch, they are so gorgeous though.I hope Hattie is bred, the frustration of breeding woes! We drew blood on 4 cows to send off, and then I saw that one of the heifers came back in heat today. I don't know if it is the bull not being mature but he is 15 months I would think he should be good to go. Crossing fingers and hooves fo Hattie. ( I'm not the patient type either, I have to know!)

  2. It is amazing how drawing blood will cause a heat within a few days! I hope you have lots of positive results!!