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June 6, 2009

Week of 6/01/09

Monday 06/01/09
Hattie gave 2 gallons this morning; I did not separate last night.
I watered a scant amount in the garden and melon patch. The forecast keeps calling for rain.
The sheep seem to be settling in well, and getting used to our routines.
They watch us everywhere we go around the farm. They do not seem overly skittish, just watchful.
I made homemade lasagna for dinner and later Charlye and I baked cookies.
I must be crazy for having the oven on so much when it is so hot out!

Tuesday 06/02/09
Hattie gave 3 gallons this morning.
I traveled to one of our facilities today; luckily it is in a town that has a farm stand! I brought home peaches and a melon.
We had homegrown farm fresh bacon and eggs for dinner, a big hit!
I fed the sheep some roses and comfrey this morning because Rambo the ram had loose bms. They ate a fair amount of the rose petals and hips. It is supposed to help, by this afternoon he was showing improvement.
I also gave them a little alfalfa dust, ruminant yeast and DE.
The ewes were being bit by horseflies tonight at dusk. Have I mentioned how much I hate horseflies? Flying and biting devils.

Wednesday 06/03/09
Hattie gave 2 gallons this morning; we did not separate the calf last night.
I picked up the kids from school today; they only had a half day and tomorrow will be their last day this school year. Time flies!
I picked 8 small cucumbers and one huge over ripe one (cows enjoyed it).
The green beans, tomatoes and strawberries are doing well. I have harvested a little bit of broccoli also. The leaves that have been riddled by bugs I give to the cows. The blackberries are getting really close to first picking, maybe tomorrow. I am looking forward to some mixed in yogurt.
I made Sicilian seasoned bass for dinner. Our neighbor gave us the bass and I used a recipe from the Splendid Table. The seasonings used were fresh basil, fresh mint, red onion, green bell pepper, oil/vinegar, salt and pepper. It tasted good! We had corn on the cob, sliced cucumber and broken up beans on the side. Locavore triumph!
It rained this afternoon, finally! We received ¼”.
Dave found another snake—trying to eat duck eggs. He dispatched it with the machete.

Thursday 06/04/09
Milking yield was only one gallon this morning.
I traveled to the Houston office today. It was good to see everyone!
I picked a dozen blackberries and about 20 cherry tomatoes this evening.
Dave worked on building a sheep stand for grooming and vetting. It looks great! I’ll post a pic when it is complete.
The potatoes look to be about ready for harvesting. The crop has been a disappointment, the plants look pathetic. Once harvested, I will heavily compost that bed before replanting in it.

Friday 06/05/09
3 gallons this morning!
I had a long, busy (and productive) day at the computer. I pushed away from it at about 4:30 to wander through the garden and see the animals.
That cured my headache!
Dave and I put the little ewe “U2” on the sheep stand to see where to mount the treat feeder. His plan for the locking mechanism works great. U2 did not seem to mind too much. Tomorrow I need to trim hooves.
We went out for Tex-Mex dinner.
Saturday 06/06/09
Hattie gave us three gallons of milk this morning. The cream line on the milk from yesterday looks pretty impressive, about 3 inches.
The hens are sporadic in their egg laying, anywhere from 1-6 eggs a day.
I picked 8 cucumbers, 20+ cherry tomatoes, 3 roma tomatoes, big bundle of beans and a cup each of strawberries and blackberries. Yippee!
This afternoon Dave helped me round up and catch the sheep one at a time to give them their shots, trim hooves, drench them and halter a few (only have 3 halters). They were not, as a group, overly fond of all the attention.
I managed to be in the wrong place when I released the first ewe from the stand; she went our frontwards and broke the feeder/treat pan holder.
Dave is making repairs.
The butcher is not able to take our cow this Monday, so we will have to wait another week, argh.
We watched an old Harrison Ford movie tonight (Firewall), it was pretty good.
I started listening to Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms. I don’t think I have read it before, and am enjoying it so far.
Sunday 06/07/09
Milking=3 gallons.
Grocery shopping=brain cramp.
Recycling newspapers and clothing=A Good Thing.
Low key day at home=priceless!


  1. Oh Liz! You have a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing! I enjoy listening to online books too.

  2. I just wanted to say thanks too, for the milk. I love every drop.