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June 13, 2009

Week of 06/08/09

Monday 06/08/09
Two gallons of the good stuff, thank you Hattie.
We gathered 10 more cucumbers and skads more tomatoes. I cut some zinnias for the house.
I worked from home today and took the kids for their annual MD visit this afternoon. Their pediatrician is the same they have had since birth. Josh asked “when will I have to find another doctor”, I replied probably when he joins the Army or goes to college. Josh is 5’11”, Char is 5’8”—Wowie!! They got their meningitis vaccines today, and a clean bill of health. Dr. Bootin is tops in our book!
We had boring leftovers for dinner because they are taking over the fridge.
I made more kombucha tea and raw yogurt today.

Tuesday 06/09/09
No milking today.
I traveled to Beaumont for meetings and greetings.
It was a productive day.
Dave did farm chores and tried to stay out of the heat at midday.
The new sheep shearing clippers arrived. Tomorrow is the day for us to get up close and personal with Rambo the ram.

Wednesday 06/10/09
Hattie gave 3 gallons this morning.
Dave and I made our first attempt at shearing; we can only improve in speed and quality! Rambo did fairly well, once he resigned himself to the fate of having to be handled by us.
We picked cucumbers, many more tomatoes (including one big slicer), a few quarts of beans, and at least a cup of each kind of berries.
Forgot to mention we pulled the potatoes up last night; what a miserable harvest. Many of them were dying above ground and only had the seed potato underground.
I will try summer squash in their now empty bed. The plants we had died just after flowering. I think a squash borer got them.
Shrimp etouffee and fresh veggies for dinner.

Thursday 06/11/09
We skipped milking and picking veggies today.
I worked from the Houston office today, and took in a bunch of veggies to share.
No much to report from the farm front today!

Friday 06/12/09
We milked 2 gallons from Hattie this morning. I intentionally left some for Princess. Next week Hattie and Princess are going to visit a friend’s Dexter bull. Fingers crossed in anticipation!
Many more cucumbers today; so many in fact we were reminded of the old joke where neighbors and friends run when they see you coming so they don’t have to take any more gifts of produce! In our experience, that usually happens with okra and zucchini, and so it has not happened to us yet. J
The kids and I went downtown this evening; Josh and I saw Star Trek (5 stars), while Charlye went to a prom. Late to get home, but everyone had fun.

Saturday 06/13/09
No milking this morning, and no picking either (thankfully we are still at every other day status).
Our beloved Hope went to see Dr. Umlang for her trip to the Rainbow Bridge. Her 10th birthday would have been next week.

I Remember Doodle
I remember the day we chose you from all your frolicking littermates.
You were the one that came to us and seemed the only one to be paying attention.
I remember the messes you made with chewing and digging.
I lamented over dead flowers, and now lament over you.
I remember your fondness for hunting, with a jump to join anyone with a gun. Oh the chance to retrieve a dove, pheasant or duck! The joy you showed when you returned with the prize. The angst when it was only target practice.
I remember your love of water; a puppy pool, a pond, a creek on the farm, any water except a bath held joy for you. I remember your last swim a week ago, you could barely get to the pond, but enjoyed every minute once there.
I remember your love of kittens, even nursing one so that it would live.
I remember you playing with the kids, all of you so little and rambunctious.
You played with them and let them dress you up, always the good natured and willing participant. You always had a wag and a smile (with a crinkle ear) for us, but especially the kids.
I remember you killing your first snake after hearing me shriek. You were my hero not for the first time that day.
I remember the look in your eyes the day we all knew you would not survive the cancer. I remember how you looked out the car window on the way this morning; I imagine you wondered if we were driving to Iowa to hunt.
I remember and cry at the peace your body seemed to display when finally you were out of pain. Forgive us for holding onto you when you were in pain, forgive us for being too selfish to let go. Thank you Doodle for all you brought to our family and all you taught us about life and love. I will remember you all my days and I will look for you at the Rainbow Bridge when I get there.
Sunday 06/14/09
Catch up day—laundry, school work, chores.
Hattie gave 3 gallons, after gathering some veggies and watering I did my best to stay indoors.
We had homemade BLTs with home raised bacon—yummy!


  1. Oh Liz! I am so sorry for your loss! I only met her that ne time and i still think of her. Thank you for the beautiful story. Thanks for pictures and the updates I love reading about our life on the farm. Bye for now Doodle!

    Love and laughter, The Taylors

  2. Thanks T, your note means so much to us!
    love, Liz

  3. Thank you for a tribute for which I could not find the words.

  4. Oh, Liz-We are SO sorry! It is so tough to have to go through something like this! People without animals just don't always seem to understand how attached we become and how these creatures of God's become such a part of our familes and everyday lives! We had to do the same a year back-Old Red couldn't climb the back stairs anymore and our oldest granddaughter learned to walk holding onto him! Bittersweet memories! Love ya!

  5. Love y'all too!
    Thank you for sharing our sorrow and understanding the joy she brought to us.