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June 19, 2009

Week of 6/15/09

Monday 06/15/09
Hattie gave 2.5 gallons.
After milking and feeding everyone we took Rosie the beef master to the butcher. She loaded and unloaded much better than we expected. I have estimated her weight at 1400 lbs. That would mean about 700 lbs of meat—thank goodness we are splitting her with another family! We should have crammed, packed freezers in a couple of weeks.
I drove to Jasper to meet with a Medical Director and ED staff, all went well.
It has been hot as blazes lately; the car thermometer said it was 105 outside this afternoon. Good golly. No rain in sight yet either.

Tuesday 06/16/09
Hattie gave 2.5 gallons, blessed cow.
We let all the cows out back in the big pasture after Rosie left yesterday. Hattie, Vera and Princess seemed to enjoy it; Blackie seemed to enjoy the company of new friends!
The sheep and chickens are doing well. The ducks are so confused; all 3 of them are sitting on nests, and have been for months. I think all they are incubating is rotten eggs. I have wondered about getting some little ducklings to put under them. That works for hens—substitute eggs for live chicks.

The garden is producing pretty well. I have to say it is the most weed-ridden garden we have ever had. I have become at one with weeds—and am peace with picking the produce out of all the weeds. I will get them in the fall. The melon patch is going great guns! Some of the vines have sneaked out of the pen; others are climbing straight up the sides of the pen. There are a lot of flowers; I hope there are a lot of fruits!

Wednesday 06/17/09
Busy day; milking this morning; Houston office today; and took Hattie to spend the next few days with friends. It was so hot loading her, she was stressed out. The halter ring broke so she was not tied for the ride—when we unloaded her she had a contusion under one eye and on her hip. Our poor girl. No rain for several weeks and no forecast of any for several more. Drought-land is no fun for livestock or gardens.

Thursday 06/18/09
Dave and I flew to Des Moines this afternoon and drove to the farm.
I'll start a new post for the Iowa trip.

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