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July 19, 2009

Honey Extraction Day!

The frames we took out of the hives yesterday; we left them indoors overnight so the honey dehydrates, just a little. We took a total of 6 frames from each hive (2).

The first golden beauty!

Uncapping the wax with the heated uncapping knife.

Dave gives the first 3 frames a whirl!

The honey flows!

The final product! Nearly 6 gallons of honey and a half pund or so of wax to work with.

The clean up crew~the bees reclaim every bit of honey and wax we did not take.


  1. Beautiful post! Thank you!

  2. Those pictures are just amazing. Do you "suit up" when you rob the hives?

  3. Oh, yes!! I am a chicken when it comes to exposing anything to the bees, especially when we are robbing them! Dave got stung once, through his jeans.