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July 4, 2009

Melon Patch Gone Wild!

Melon patch gone wild!

mr. snake and a melon

mr. snake caught

mr. snake liberated for a moment


  1. Did Mr snake go free or was he condemned to death? "For a moment" tells me he will never go back in the melon patch again!

  2. Don't you just HATE snakes? I'm afraid one of them is gonna really make me hurt myself one of these days! And it just SO upsets me when they get any of my babies-chicks or rabbits!

  3. I absolutely HATE snakes! Especially rat snakes (get big and steal eggs), and all those of the posinous variety. This one is the 4th rat snake we have found (and killed) in the last few months. Yes, he was condemned to death, though he was already pretty damaged from the netting cutting into him. Off with his head! :)