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July 8, 2009

random pics from the last week

looking east from the back pond toward the barn and house

Sunset 070809

how the cows ate the melon

blue flowers at the pond's edge

blackie (crossbred ewe)

liz and max (looking at the sheep)


  1. Absolutely beatiful pictures! Happy Birthday!

    On a side note....

    Your little foster heifer, is a longhorn, correct? Does she have horns? Do they get as long as bulls?

  2. She is a pure longhorn, about 4.5 months old. Her horn buds are already an inch long! The cows do grow impressive horns, but I don't think they get as long or thick as a mature bull's will.
    Thanks for the b-day wish! And thanks for the shrimp! :)

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  4. Max is such a gorgeous dog and getting so big! How old is he now?