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July 22, 2009

week of 7/20/09

Monday 07/20/09
Hattie gave 2.5 gallons.
The bees continue to clean up the extraction supplies. A couple hundred of them apparently ate themselves to death; they were dead in one of the tubs this morning. Sigh.
I had a dentist appt this morning and worked from home. It continues to be very hot and we are limping along with the bypass set-up.
No rain today, though we were tortured by seeing storms off to the North.

Tuesday 07/21/09
Happy Birthday Mom!
No milking today, I went in to the Houston office, quite early. It was a bittersweet day. Lots of great people were in today, but one of my favorite people is leaving the company and it was her last day.
No rain today. Dave picked a cup or so of cherry tomatoes, that and the basil are about all that is producing right now. I can’t post pics of the garden, it is embarrassing. The slip from the auction barn arrived today, Blackjack actually weighed 850 lbs!
We took Josh to Mixed Martial Arts tonight and had a dinner date out; seafood!
We watched The Betrayal (Nerakhoon) on PBS tonight. It is a powerful story about a family from Laos.

Wednesday 07/22/09
No milking today.
The A/C repair crew came out and fixed the problem. It is a temporary fix; they say we need a new furnace and A/C unit. We will have to budget that expense for the fall.
Josh is sore today in places he did not know could be sore, guess that means he had a good workout.
Dave watered and did farm projects today, including putting up a feeder for the sheep that they can’t stand in while they eat! I don't think I have to mention what sheep do all the time, and will do when they are eating, and will do when they are standing in their feedbunk! Ick!

Thursday 07/23/09
2.5 gallons from Hattie today.
It rained 5/8” this evening! I got home just after it finished, as the sun was setting and all the water droplets looked like diamonds on the fences, leaves and flowers. Beautiful!
Josh enjoyed MMA tonight. Char is preparing to come home on Tuesday; I don’t think she wants to leave MA!

Friday 07/24/09
It rained 1/10” this morning! It sounded, smelled and looked wonderful!
Yesterday I picked one eggplant, 3 small bell peppers and a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes. I also braved the melon patch with high boots on and a stick to beat down the weeds. I am sure I looked silly, but I did not find any snakes, so I guess it worked! I picked 4 watermelons, one was over ripe (cows loved it), Josh and I cut one and two more are in the barn fridge. Finally! Something to harvest!
Josh and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie this evening; it was good but a far cry from the book!

Saturday 07/25/09
I didn’t milk today; slept in instead.
Today was chore day for me: cleaning house and catching up on laundry.
I did some work in the kitchen too: made vanilla yogurt, cheddar cheese and dehydrated bell peppers and onions. The bell peppers are from our garden, the onions are from the local farm stand. I also picked up several pounds of gorgeous tomatoes to dehydrate or can, have not decided yet.
There was a hint of rain nearby this evening, none here so far.

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