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August 1, 2009

Week of 7/26/2009

Char and a friend at Smith SSEP.

I did not keep up with writing daily, so this week it is a compilation.
I milked 3 times this week, Hattie continues to give and give. I will be synchronizing her heat cycle soon, and attempting AI again. Vera is progressing nicely; I suspect she will calve in September. We plan to dry off Hattie in August after her foster calf goes back to the owner.

I did not harvest much from the garden this week until today (Saturday). The harvest was 4 giant watermelons, and 6-7 small ones we culled because they were pulling down the chicken netting. The cows enjoyed the culls. The only other thing harvested this week was a handful of cherry tomatoes and a cantaloupe (yummy). I am looking forward to fall and cleaning out all the beds. I don't have an improved plan for how to manage it all (next spring), but will work on that aspect between now and then. I plan to put in a small fall garden with lettuce, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and carrots; maybe all in one bed.

For the foodies out there we had several grilled and smoked meals with homegrown meats: ham, ribs, hamburger and pork chops. I made lentil soup one night which turned out great. I plan to make homemade lasagna one night next week as well as tomato bisque. I need to make pesto with the great bounty of basil in the garden. Bread baking will resume in the fall. I currently have a cheddar cheese in the press and 5 pounds of sliced tomatoes in the dehydrator.
On Friday we got 1.5 inches of rain; it was a beautiful, perfect rainy day, almost all day!

Charlye returned home from MA! I picked her up Tuesday night, she was a sight for sore eyes! She reports that the classes she took (Neurology and Genetics) at the Smith Science and Engineering Program (SSEP), were fantastic. Josh had several great workouts at MMA this week, and is really enjoying it, especially the kick boxing. Both of the kids are looking forward to school starting in 3 weeks. Their summer relaxation has become summer boredom and they are ready to go back. I guess we will battle the hordes buying school supplies and new clothes!

The spa we ordered several months ago arrived this week. I have to say a glass of wine and an hour of water massage on my back and neck make me very relaxed! It is the most rejuvenating therapy I have ever experienced.
I hope you all had a great week! As Garrison Keillor says "Be well, do good work and keep in touch!"


  1. I am so very happy for you. Perfect weeks like this make up for all the burned out ACs, dry times, and general malaise of the dog days of summer.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh........that spa looks delightful!!!

  3. I think everyone of us hard working farm gals deserves a spa!

  4. We have decided to do the hot tub thing here, too! We thought that would be a more useful 30th anniversary gift to ourselves than a weekend getaway-we'll still take a long weekend to ourselves to celebrate-but will be able to enjoy the hot tub for the next 30+ years!

  5. I cannot recommend the hot tub highly enough!! I look forward to it every night as a great way to relax and a massage to take away the tight muscles! Enjoy!!