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August 9, 2009

Week of 8/02/09

This week went by extremely fast!
I milked several times, though not every day. Hattie needs to be dried off, after the calf leaves and she is rebred. Vera is looking exceptional, if a little on the pudgy side. I am still anticipating a late Sept to mid-Oct calf.
We have not had much rain this week, somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 drops. Those drops came after a beautiful double rainbow! I managed to get a pic of part of it on my way home from work, what a cheery sight it was.
We let the hens into their run to take down the weeds; they are working on the melons. They seem happy, as happy as hens can be anyway.
The homemade lasagna and the tomato bisques were both big hits, as well as the chili last night. I am planning a quiche and enchiladas in the near future. I made two more cheeses, one with jalapenos; yogurt is in the works and butter too.
The summer semester is over, thankfully and I have 10 days off before the fall semester starts. I had an advising session this week, disappointing because the person doing the advising was ill informed and condescending.
I may look into a different program/college due to his lack of knowledge and overall poor attitude.
Dave and I are looking forward to the Iowa trip next week. He has researched when the Jersey and Guernsey shows are at the State Fair so I can ogle beautiful cows. We also hope to see the sheep, pigs, 4-H exhibits, and the vegetable/food entries. There are also the traditions of seeing the butter cow; riding the sky-way and eating something off a stick!
I finished listening to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society yesterday. What a delight it was! Now I am inclined to make a trip to the Channel Islands, specifically Guernsey and Alderney sometime in my life.
Oh goodness, it is clouding over, we may yet get rain! I am off to finish separating cream and get the yogurt incubating, have a great week all!


  1. That foster calf is pretty, Longhorn? I keep forgetting about " The guernsey literary and potatoe peel society" I've got to check it out of the library. We have had a summer of rain, I'll try to send a little your way!

  2. Please do send the rain!
    The book was great, laugh out loud moments and some sad ones too. Enjoy it!