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August 24, 2009

Its a tradition!

The first day of school!

The "kids" are entering 10th (Josh) and 11th grade (Charlye) today!

Have a great first day my loves!


  1. Beautiful kids! I love traditions, every November we have the kids stand on the top step of our cellar stairs and trace their height on the wall to see how much they've grown. If we ever move, I'll have to cut out that section of the wall and take it with me!

  2. My oldest granddaughter started 4th grade today and the 2 middle ones started Kindergarten!I always make sure I get a picture right before they leave-of course-this year Hailey wasn't by herself-Little sister Cayden and cousin Jordan got to join her! And they plan to go back tomorrow-that's a great sign! Prayers for all our school kids!!