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August 18, 2009

Week of 8/09/09

I milked Hattie Sunday-Thursday this week. Thursday we left for Iowa.
The weather in Iowa seems to go hot when we arrive; the temperature was 91 when we touched down! It is great to see Dave’s parents and everything at the farm. Jim’s tomatoes and melons are producing heavily.
Friday we spent the day at the Iowa State Fair, what a blast! First thing in the morning was a stop by the dairy cattle show. The show was for Guernsey, Jersey and Brown Swiss, running concurrently. The show started with 3-6 month old heifers and progressed up to cows in milk. It was fun to watch! We met a couple in the stands from Springfield Iowa; they have 9 cows and start next week with their cheese making business.
Heather, James and Rylee joined us at the fair; a great time was had by all.
We took Rylee back to State Center with us to spend the night; she is such a cute little sprite! Four year olds have nearly unlimited energy!
Saturday we spent at the farm playing ping-pong, croquet, and playing imaginative games with Rylee, Dave and Rylee also drove the big John Deere. Saturday evening the well ran dry, probably because there were 15 of us. We did not go to church Sunday because we figured we would be the Pew-Ewww pew (at least 13 of us had not had showers). Instead we had a leisurely day at the farm. In the evening we went out for dinner at Hickory Park in Ames, all 17 of us! Dinner out with all the family is what Jim and Kathleen wanted for their 50th. All the kids got together and gave them a new lap top and air card. They are even on Facebook now! Sunday evening Uncle Ron and Aunt Jean came by in a 58 Ford; the same car that Ron drove Kathleen and Jim to their wedding in! It was a great surprise! What a beautiful car!
Kathleen took out her wedding album and showed all the pictures as well as her scrapbook with early photos, cards and mementos. We had a great visit.
Monday most of the family went to a local theme park and Dave and I flew home, uneventful except for going home via Colorado Springs to avoid a storm. It was good to get home, though we miss the family too! Our niece Lizzy was a joy to get to know, as well as spending time in imagination land with Rylee!

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  1. Sounds like a wondeful trip! Maybe hot weather follows you? So cool about the laptop and facebook. I love it!