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July 14, 2009

Week of 7/13/2009

Monday 07/13/09
No milking this morning, we still have plenty.
Josh went to the MMA gym tonight, he enjoyed it immensely!
I spent the time at a local coffee shop studying.
No great farm news to report except that we have decided to sell the Angus steer; we simply have no freezer room for him. We’ll post him on Craig’s List; and plan to take him to the auction as a last resort.

Tuesday 07/14/09
No milking today; marathon of conference calls that started early. Princess probably loves me for not separating her from Hattie.
Lordy! The A/C quit working today. I didn’t dare open the windows until about 8 pm when the temp inside and outside equalized at 90 degrees in both places. The repairman is coming first thing tomorrow morning, thankfully.
Ice water and cold fruits/veggies for dinner, followed by another cold shower.
Wednesday 07/15/09
The A/C repairman came early; it will take a week to get the part shipped from the factory. The good news is that the problem is the fan blower on the furnace and not the actual A/C unit.
I filled the non-functional hot tub with cold water, a nice little spot to cool off!
I can appreciate the use of “sleeping porches” in the days before A/C; it is much cooler after dark on the porch than in the house!
Dreaming of living in Maine—now!

Thursday 07/16/09
No milking this morning, early dentist appt.
Dave rigged the fan blower to run on demand, so we have to manually go outside to turn it on or off. Managed to get the house down to 80, what a difference 20 degrees makes!
I talked to Charlye this evening, she is having great fun.

Friday 07/17/09
No milking this morning; I went to the Houston office early.
The office held the July B-day celebrations for Dr. P and I, it was great fun.
The traffic on the way home was a bear, so we ordered pizza for dinner instead of going out.
Dave took Blackjack to the Navasota auction for the sale tomorrow. He said their operation is smooth, professional and easy for the seller. They mail a check after the sale.
Dave and Josh mowed this afternoon; even as hot as it was.
We watched the movie The Curious Life of Benjamin Button this evening, I recommend it!

Saturday 07/18/09
It was a joy to milk this morning after so many days off; Hattie gave 2 gallons. Vera acquiesced and allowed herself to enjoy the brushing and petting. We pulled one of the melons out and cut it open—not ripe. The girls loved the juicy treat!
We harvested honey this morning, a total of 14 frames from two hives. The hive that was started this year we did not disturb. Dave got stung once. One of the hives (the original) was especially active, I was amazed and glad I did not get stung. We left Max in the yard with a nice big bone to keep him busy. He enjoys chasing bumble bees, so we did not think we needed his help agitating the bees. The frames are in a large tub, in the house where they will dehydrate for 24 hours or so before we extract the honey.

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  1. No A/C!!!! OMG!!! I don't know how you stood it! It has just been WAY TOO hot here for that to happen! Sure hope that repairman showed up and got it fixed for ya'll! Hope you are enjoying some of the rain-we got almost 1/2 inch yesterday afternoon! Looks like more this morning!