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November 13, 2010

Beautiful fall weekend

Crisp, cool (50's), windy and sunny today, it made for a wonderful "fall" feeling to the air.
The tomatoes should thrive with the cool nights and sunny days. Somehow at this stage they seem to take forever to finish growing and ripen, so I am hoping they do thrive!

Bean flowers:

 Big bean bed:

 Cabbage leaf close-up:

 Curly lettuce?:

 Regular lettuce:

The cows, dogs, hens, cats, and her majesty the pig all seem to be very happy and content (except for the times when they want seconds of treats).
The boys out scouting (background)
burning out a stump (foreground):

Vera at the evening hay, well actually she was coming to see if I had by chance another banana for her: 

Happy Weekend!

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