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November 25, 2010

Farm happenings

The weather has been mild, enjoyable and fall-ish. As is the way with Texas weather it is all changing tomorrow with a nasty cold front!

We were told about an alternative feed source for the livestock--lentil screenings. The screenings are what the human-consumption lentil producers screen out. Some entrepreneurs collect various types of screenings and sell them in bulk packages. The protein content is 21%, and the price per pound is 0.087. This is one third of our usual cost, for much less protein content. We went and picked up a sack, a 1388# sack! Prior to the pick up Dave had devised a plan for unloading it with a hoist that could lift it straight up off the trailer and then lower it back down to the ground. Things like this take some engineering and maneuvering without a tractor! The plan worked, though we will have to make some alterations for the next time. We estimate the feed sack will last us 3 months. The entire sack was $121.45. I am still amazed every time I walk out to the barn and see it. So far the cows like it, the hens love it and the pig is being obstinate about eating it unless she gets her slop on top. Anyone interested in more info can check out their website:

We opened the gate to the North pasture where Dave seeded with rye grass, they did not pick up their heads for hours! I hope the coming freeze does not completely kill it.

I will post a separate post about all the foodie activities--Thanksgiving meals, Cooking School (already posted) and the Soup and Bread party we have been invited to this weekend. I am really looking forward it that event--some friends of ours host a gathering to which everyone brings a soup to share and a bread dough to go into the outdoor wood bread oven! Big fun!

Happy Thanksgiving, we are thankful for you, farm, family, friends and our health.


  1. Very interesting about the lentils! Wonder if I could get them around here?

  2. I figure every large city has to have a grains processor, maybe advertise on CL?