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February 6, 2011

Feb 6 Farm Update

Lots of challenges this past week with trying to avoid freezing pipes and anticipating 4-5 inches of snow.
The pipes did not freeze, and the snow never came (kids did get a "snow day" because the buses couldn't run with all the ice on the roads). The kids were disappointed that the snow went north of us. We ended up with some wicked nasty days and lots of frost.

All the farm critters are doing well, Vera was acting funny today--staring off into the woods (even ignoring her fresh hay), and walking around with her tail held out. She looks like she still has 2 weeks or so to me. Lizzie is very comfortable with us now, even stays laying down when I approach her in the pasture and allows me to touch her everywhere (especially if I scratch her tail head for a few minutes first). ;-)
I am doing my best not to get stir crazy about the calving and the anticipation of all the milk to follow. Honestly, my best is not so good right now.

I have garden-planting-itis, of a bad sort! I know I have to wait, it is just so hard when we have pretty days like today! I stood in it and imagined it for awhile today, that was calming.

Sometime in Feb Vera will calve, in March the garden goes in, April 9th we pick up bees, April 17th Lizzie is due, in May Charlye graduates.....the year will march on whether I am patient or not so for the sake of my family I will try to be patient.

Have a great week all!

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