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April 24, 2011

The Garden Progression

September 2010

October 2010

November 2010

December 2010

January 2011

February 2011

March 2011

April 2011

April 14, 2011

Just a few pics

We peeked into the hive on day 4 to see how things were going. (great)
baby bell pepper 

harvest 4.14

baby jalapeno 

garden lizard

April 10, 2011

Spring--LOVE it!

Spring has indeed sprung!
A new calf, new growth on everything (yellow pollen everywhere), the bees are installed in their new homes and the garden has begun to produce--the first beans, strawberries, and continued lettuce and radishes. The special heirloom tomatoes I ordered as transplants have not come in yet, I am looking forward to when they get here!
Garden pics:
baby squash

thousands of bees!

Texas Bluebonnets

one of my favorite roses

Squash blooms

sunset on the farm 4.8.11

a light lunch!

Cattle news:
April is so much fun, running and cavorting about the pasture, playing with the dogs and generally being very cute.
Vera has a nice udder and is getting into the routine of milking; she is contrary at times, but overall her learning curve is not so steep, and we are getting better at the milker so our learning curve is improving too!
The colostrum has turned to milk and it makes me burst with joy to open the fridge and see 8 gallons of milk!
Soon, very soon the cheese press will get back into use!
Lizzie is developing a nice looking udder too, and hopefully before month's end we will have another calf!
Life on the farm is work, and it is so rewarding.

The fact that Charlye will graduate in a few weeks is sinking in. The JROTC Awards Banquet was last night, the kids looked so sharp in their Class A uniforms! Josh escorted Charlye for her presentation as a senior. Oh goodness, it was hard not to cry. We are so proud of both of them, these wonderful, smart, loving young adults that we used to call "the babies".

Wishing you all a wonderful spring-y week!

April 3, 2011

A calf is born!

Yes, pregnancy does always end, even when the owner of the cow doesn't think it ever will! ;-)

I unintentionally drove many of my beloved friends and family absolutely nutty with my anxiety and anticipation of this calf. (please accept my sincere apologies!) This calf that to me meant so much more than just a calf or just a cow. For me it was closing one of life's cycles and starting another---house for sale, plan to move, sell beloved cows, things fall apart, house not for sale, buy Vera back (providence!), wait for a calf to come to be able to milk again. We have learned so much as a family that waiting for this calf to come (for me) signified that chapter of experience closing and the milkmaid door finally re-opening. There have certainly been blessings along the way and we are smarter for the experience (Dave would probably say it is like the electric fence--you only touch it once because it makes you smarter!), just thankful that it is now over and April is here.
Friday night we checked on Vera at about midnight and then we went to bed. Dave woke me at 5 am, he had been to check on her and there in the barn was a dry and nursing heifer calf!

Joy of joys!!! Here are some pics form the last 2 days:

Garden Gears UP!

I took these pictures about 10 days ago, with the intent of posting them last week. I never got to that ,so here they are though it seems silly to me because now everything is at least double the size it was then!


Green Beans and Yellow Wax Beans
(hops on the end)

2 varieties of cucumber 

teeny tiny radishes

 Herb bed


Lettuce/Broc/Cabbage bed

 Snap peas and shell peas

 Rattlesnake beans, eggplant, bell pepper:

 Potato and garlic bed

Here are a few of the garden goods from yesterday:

Nevada lettuce

yummy berry!

Rouge D'Hiver Lettuce

I hope Spring has sprung wherever you are, and if not maybe you can start some seeds indoors!