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August 25, 2013

Time and Traditions

Time and traditions, they march on, they carry us.
Dreaded August was actually spectacular in some ways. The ability to travel to see family and friends and talk, laugh and cry was amazing.
Beautiful and devastating things occurred this summer.The garden has to die off at the end of its cycle to bring forth new harvests next year. The academic calendar starts to remind us that summer cannot last.
Seasons, traditions, soon it will be fall and winter holidays, time will pass, children and grandchildren will grow; I do not regret it nor will I try to halt it.
I am overwhelmed by the love and support Dave has given me this summer, and the ways in which our relationship have been enriched. Thank you my love.
The weather, the calendar, and me--we are all at the cusp of a new season, ready, so ready to plunge forward after this interlude of retrospect.