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December 16, 2011

Fatty gets her freak on!

The battle of the bulge(s) reaches a new level.
I am not nor have ever been clinically obese, but I have suffered from chronic pudge and the resulting altered self image. I can pinpoint too  many times in life when harsh or snide comments were made about my weight, and because they were from people I trusted, I believed them and accepted their judgments of me into my psyche.

This is a grave mistake, that I hope none of you have made. You see, these negative comments add up and (for me) become a self-fulfilling prophesy, so that those negative people (who are invariably in one's life) will continue to have fodder for their snide-ness. A very nasty cycle. I made the conscious decision some time ago to not accept other people's judgments of me, however I have only recently realized how deep I tucked those judgments away so that I was no longer believing other people, I was believing my own negativeness about myself. Ouch.

So, I have attacked the negative psyche part, and gained much ground (woohoo!). But what to do about the actual bulge? Well, I will break it down in very simple steps (for anyone fighting this battle):
1. Eat less
2. Move more
3. Stick to it!

Ok, that is over-simplified. However, it is true that less input + more output = k-cal loss. There are several ways to go about this.
1. Eat less. Feeling drastic? Cut all portions in half (forever). Or, actually weigh and measure and LOG how many calories you are taking in. Knowledge is power. This can also be aided by an appetite control measure (medication, exercise, hypnosis). Find what works for you and stick to it.

2. Move more. Yes, you need to move your body. You do not need weights or special equipment, you can use your own body weight as resistance (crunches, yoga, stretching, push ups, karate, etc). Move at your own pace, and take steps to monitor that pace and weekly upgrade it. 5-10 minutes a day or 30 minutes three times a week, whatever works for you-- find it and stick to it!

3. Stick to it! Yes, plateaus are going to happen, and yes disappointments will happen. Do Not let one disappointment lead to a week of backsliding on steps one and two! It will all work out if you stick to it! Do Not let negative people, societal pressure or your own baggage hold you back---those are all things you have power and control over--use your power over your own mind to believe positive comments, realistic goals and the absolute number one truth-- YOU ARE UNIQUE, YOU ARE VALUABLE, YOU CANNOT BE REPLACED! (judgments, negativity and weight can be changed/replaced by no one other than you!)

I am half-way to my goal (have lost 20 lbs in the last 7 weeks), and here is some info that may help anyone else fighting the bulge:
*Indulgences: I allow myself (because they help me stick to it) include one taste of dark chocolate, (almost every day) and wine or an adult beverage when I feel like it. I also drink all the raw, whole milk I want to.

*Things I choose to do without: ALL DIET FOODS and ALL fake fats (artificial food is poison, and I refuse to lose weight by eating zero calorie things that are in the end poisoning me). I have successfully kicked the diet coke habit, the "blue packet sweetener" habit, and am working on the gum addiction. I also have given up nearly all carbs. This is a grand move for me, former carb-aholic. Once my perception of portion size and my stomach size decreased I find that a bite here or there of homemade bread, cellulose free pasta or a half tortilla is more than enough. I also do not eat fast food, fried food or processed foods except on the very rare occasion (these things are all poison too and I feel so much better without them!).

*I Cook! Any of you that follow me on FB know that I cook as often as I can, and I cook really good food (according to Dave anyway)! I cook from scratch so I know where nearly every ingredient comes from, I do not skimp on fat (it is vital to nearly every metabolic process in the body and synthetic fats are poison), the only thing I skimp on is portion size (see #1 above)! Cook your own food and know what goes into it, you won't be disappointed with the quality and taste!

*Know Thine-self: Only you can figure out what works for you, what you need and what your markers of success are. Do not allow others to impose their  little life-movie on you. I personally like doing squats, riding a bike, the elliptical and dancing like a nut--this may not work for you so find what does. You also need to know when to get outside help. I needed a boost to my thyroid production and appetite control, so I got it. Get what you need to make your dreams a reality!

Whew! I hope this helps someone that reads it, and if any of you need a cheerleader let me know, I will gladly cheer you on to your success!

Below: enchiladas I cooked last night

December 13, 2011

Where have I been?

Well, well, I have neglected the blogging side of my brain for awhile!

Life has just been going along at a nice even keel.
Work is good, home/farm is good, cows are good, kids are good.
Char will be home in 6 days!
Dave and I have been on some fun dates, we play Canasta every chance we get and mostly our schedule has been the same so we are off work at the same time. (very nice indeed)

The holidays feel like the are bearing down at avalanche speed, though in terms of readiness I am ready, just a few little odds and ends to pick up. The house is decorated and of course there is some baking to do. I am looking forward to spending time with family and having the Eve and the Day off, together!

I wish you all a very Happy Holidays!