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January 31, 2011

January 25, 2011

January 24, 2011

I'm late! I'm late! I'm late for the blog update!

I am so late and so remiss for not posting for what, 2 weeks? Good golly miss molly!
To make a long story short, the last few weeks have been pretty darn great!
Dave and I traveled to Albuquerque to visit our friend's Pint Sized Farm for her 40th birthday.
It was so wonderful to visit another farm, learn new recipes, learn how to sprout grains, spend hours chatting and cooking together, see a new calf, help with chores and just get to be a part of our friend's lives for several days. Awesome!
I didn't get very many pictures taken, mainly because I spent more time talking than clicking.
This is one of the mountain ranges, if we get back there we will take the trolley to the top and have a beverage, and then trolley back down!

At the party we danced, and danced and danced! So much fun!

The cooks take a break!

Shalali, Dante and the new calf LizBeth:

When we came home from NM I was inspired to brine some lamb, which Dave put on the smoker the next day. It was wonderful! The day after that Dave cooked two pork tenderloins, they were so moist and flavorful (un-brined, just smoked). Homemade meatloaf the next day, needless to say there are many leftovers in the fridge!

Garden seeds are ordered, bees are ordered, milk machine sits and waits....the next month is going to seem long! I am very ready for Spring to come, the weather has been foggy, cold, cloudy more days than not and everything in preparation mode just seems to hang in anticipation.
Vera's calf has kicked me, always a delight to be nudged from inside the womb! This morning Lizzie had 24" of thick goo, hmmmm, not sure what that is about. Dave had the best retort "they will calve when they calve and whoever calves first, well calves first"!
I picked up 6 ducklings a few days ago, the seller believes  one to be a mallard and the other 5 to be hens, no telling until they feather though. They are adapting to living with the chickens which is good since that is the only predator-free zone at the moment. We plan to build a tractor for fowl, and purchase some meat birds.
I guess truthfully we need a tractor for the meat birds and another for the layers, so they can enjoy the grass and bugs too. Dave has also been researching the construction of a whiz-bang plucking machine--this will make butchering day so much easier!
The pigs are doing well, Rudy is growing and they are so personable and fun it is amazing we ever lived without pigs!
The boat is at the "repair guy" around the corner getting the water pump replaced and a tune-up; someday soon we hope to go out and fish!
Have a great week!