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January 1, 2011

Been remiss, missy

Ok, I'm not sure where the last 10 days has flown off to! Christmas weekend I worked the Eve, the Day and the day after, had a couple of days off during which time I am certain I vegetated and was only semi-productive, and now here we are at the new decade, and new year!

Fast and Furry Farm updates:
**Ginger left today for her new home--we are positively thrilled that she has gone to our friends in Lafayette! It was such a pleasure to see them and such a blessing that she has gone to a wonderful home!
They even brought some lamb chops from their freezer--I have been craving lamb for a month or more! The chops are going on the grill tonight!

**Spottie has a boar-friend! His name is Rudy and what a cutie he is! I have very high hopes that this arranged relationship will work out. We have had a request for 2 piglets at weaning, and have a buyer for all that we raise and don't sell ourselves. THAT is peace of mind!

**Lizzie and Vera are getting along well, Vera continues to get wider and Lizzie has now figured out all the feeding routines and schedules. She has begun "talking" to us more at feeding time and sometimes just for general purposes.

**The hens are holding steady at about 4 eggs a day. A great number for us and we are extremely thankful!

**The garden catalogs are overflowing the mail box; I have my list for Seeds of Change all made out, just have to sit down and place the order.

Family and Friends:
We had a nice quiet Christmas celebration on the Eve and enjoyed the company of Stephen.
My cousin Kay, her dh Rob, and beautiful girls Lisa and Kelly spent a couple of nights at mom's house and we got to spend some time together. It was a blast and the girls are milkmaids/farmers in the making!
Nat, Mike and the boys came over on NYE for a tamale making and eating party, we had a blast! The tamales turned out wonderfully, we will definitely be making them again!

As we reflect on all that comprised 2010 we are thankful for the blessings, friends, family, farm, and even the lessons learned.

We wish you a very Happy New Year and a year full of living life, laughing and playing outside!

big girls side by side

dogs explore ice

frosty ground

the hungry mooches

Rudy nesting in hay

new growth on roses

two ring tailed tooters!

tomatoes ripening indoors

Lizzie on frosty morning

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