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May 31, 2012

May Garden Update

Yes! The garden is growing and producing great guns!
No rain to speak of this month which means daily watering, we hope to get some free watering soon.
The two biggest pests this year are the caterpillars (decimated the zinnia bed, one of the strawberry beds and have been seen everywhere else--despite the BT), and the nut sedge. Crazy wicked bad weed. Causes me great frustration. The only upside to both of these is that literally every gardener I have talked to has had the exact same challenges this season. I am convinced the horrid drought summer combined with the extra mild winter conspired to make the perfect conditions for both.

Ok, so here are the pic! (Go back to April Garden Update for a comparison, link here:
April Bird's Eye View )

The areas covered with clear plastic are being solarized to kill nematodes, nut sedge (I hope), and any viruses or fungi that may be present. At least one of the beds will have sweet potatoes.

Happy Gardening!!

May 28, 2012


I haven't updated on my weight lately, so today seems like a good time. I finally got past a plateau and hit the 40 lb mark today! This is more than 1/4 my original weight!!!
(I weigh once a week, mainly to keep myself from getting nutty about
I think 10 more, or whenever my body says the time is right. I started as a size 14, and am now a 6!!! Needless to say I feel great and want to encourage anyone out there with the same goal to keep trying to find what works for you, when you do, it will work, it won't be as difficult as other attempts---just keep trying, it is so worth it!!!
Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement along the way! Even when people say things like "you can't weigh less than I do" (in reference to the final goal), just smile and let them feel clever, you will win your battle and you will not always have to be their "heavy", "chunky", "full-figure" friend!