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February 5, 2012

Que Pasa?

What's up you ask?
Well, at the farm and in life, lots of things!
At the risk of getting long winded and losing you along the way I am going to compile it all in one blog (I know, it would be so much better if I had kept up along the way with individual posts), my apologies.

Kids--thriving! Josh is beginning to get Senioritis and count down to graduation. His applications for West Point and A&M are in, just waiting to hear now. Char is doing well at college and now in her second semester is settled and excelling. I am feeling ambivalent about the empty nest. Some days I miss them chattering and the business of kids that aren't independent, other days I enjoy the quiet house. So, I guess time will tell on how I handle it all, but I think we will be fine (if we can ever figure out all the remotes and electronics)!

Farm--Lenny the calf is 3 months old and growing like a weed! I need to get recent pics of him, he looks completely different now (turning very dark and his ears have gone black!). Shhh, don't tell him he may be weaning in a couple of months.
Curly the Red Wattle pig had her piglets--six of the cutest babies ever seen! They are all spotted and they all have wattles. Four females and two males, all of which I hope have a future home by weaning time! They are absolutely adorable and getting very personable (2 weeks old now), but they are also getting mischievous and going through the fence at will. Grrr! 
Hens and ducks are thriving, the egg count is up and this week we got a green egg! I had forgotten we have a couple of the Americaunas out there. I will be glad when they are back out on pasture eating more greens and bugs. We were gifted 2 brooders, so this spring we will be buying peeps, I am leaning toward the Freedom Ranger breed (dual breed, meat + eggs).

The Girls--Louise is clicking along at a great production, and Party is due to calve this Spring, if anyone local is interested in becoming a farm share member send me an email or message me on Facebook! Farm Sahre members receive at least one dozen eggs a month, garden produce once a month (when in production) and first refusal at any other farm goods such as firewood, honey, etc. We may also offer manure and worm castings in the future. 

Garden-- the Master Gardener's class is a blast! After the first week I had so many plans and ideas down on paper I thought I was going  to bust with excitement. (Dave did not take the news of  all my ideas quite the same way.) We visited a worm farm and now we have two worm bins and are enjoying vermiculture! I have 5 more garden beds planned, a greenhouse, a gazebo, and an orchard to occupy the front yard--which has been planted. Modifying the soil and getting really serious about composting are the things that will take time and really show in a year or so. 

Work--I have been promoted to Facility Manager for one of our new locations (Kingwood)! I am looking forward to the challenge and I am thankful for the opportunity!

Weight--Today I hit the 25 lb mark--WOOHOO! I will just keep on doing what has worked for me so far: to try to eat only real food, limit carbs, eat real fats, exercise for tone, flexibility and strength, and portion control. I made a mistake when I posted about it last, I had actually only lost 17 lbs---tried to do the math in my head. Ugh. Anyway, the weight continues to come off and I am really excited about swim suit shopping this year! I hope any of you working on weight are encouraged to just keep it up and know you can do it!

So, now you know what's up with us! I hope all is well with you and yours, and I wish you a great week!