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January 11, 2011

Weekly update

Cabbage is about all there is in the garden these days, a little bit of kale I am slowly feeding to the cows and the comfrey patch that I will transplant to another (irrigated) bed when the temperatures are better!
The garden seed and plant order is placed (Seeds of Change), the seed potatoes, onion sets and a couple of herbs I will seek out locally. There are a few new additions to the garden plan this year: ginger, wasabi, rhubarb (it says it can grow to Zone 10)! I am looking forward to these completely new challenges as well as the new varieties of old favorites.
When I find myself getting discouraged about having 3-4 days of clouds or temps in the 20's at night I go back and gaze at the picture that Jim and Kathleen sent us from a few weeks ago (Central Iowa):
Their landscapes are gorgeous and more extreme than I am used to!

Fish pole rack/holder Dave built in the barn:

Vera helping me fish, thank you girl!

"New" Mako 20' fishing boat: It needs some work and probably a tune up and then we can get out on the water! The Red fish are seriously calling me!

Nancy, the littlest cat and the bossiest cat:

Rudy doing what Rudy does, eating a sweet potato and looking cute!


  1. Oh! Beautiful! All is well and getting quiet over here. Have a great week!

  2. I am impressed by anything being in any garden this time of year. Of course there is a big difference in Zone 10 and Zone 6!

    Good luck with the rhubarb. I can't get the darned thing to grow here. I have one more plant I am wintering over and will try again next spring.

  3. Hey! I have some really great looking broccoli coming on-Finally! The cows have eaten almost all the onions-over the fence! Any idea where to get a pair of the GOS pigs? Jeff just butchered our last hog yesterday and we're already missing it-thinking about beginning to raise them again-I just love those little piglets! Have a great evening and try to stay warm-man-it's cold!!

  4. Thank you ladies for your comments I love hearing from you all!
    Susie--do you want a breeding pair or a pair to raise for the freezer? I can email you all the folks I know of.

  5. Hi, I saw you want a Pickled Brussels Sprout Recipe and I have a great one. I put them in the fridge for a week and they are so good, they are eaten all up in an hour.

    12 cups of 1" brussel Sprouts washed and boiled in salted water for four minutes, drain and cool. (do not let them sit in water -hot or cool)
    4 c. white vinegar
    2 c. white sugar (I'd try any other sweetener, but I did use sugar...)
    2 TBP mustard seed
    1 tsp tumeric powder
    1 tsp hot pepper flakes
    (1 c. diced sweet pepper) I didn't add these
    (2 c. thinly sliced onions)" " " these too

    In a sauce pan combine vinegar, sugar, spices together. Bring to boil and simmer at a lower heat for 5 minutes. (At this point it can be put into jars for canning, but I didn't so the rest is my way I do it)
    Add Brussels sprouts and bring back to a boil and shut off the burner and cover the pot. Cool and put into clean (and/or sterile jars) or Tupperware type container. Put in the refrigerator 1 week and eat. Save some out for later before you let anyone try them! Enjoy!!

  6. Thank you Sherrie!! I will definitely try this recipe!