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October 9, 2011

October arrived!

Finally, October has arrived and with it much cooler temperatures. We are so very thankful to not have to mentally or physically deal with 90-100's in the forecast. Not much rain to speak of, 3/4" in September which brings our total since March to about 3.5". There is little in farming as disappointing or frustrating as watching the pastures, trees, all greenery shrivel and die. I am more than willing to deal with mud!
I apologize in advance if the following format is tedious, I have to have help organizing my thoughts or the blog post would all be one long run on paragraph!

Charlye is having a great time and settling in very well at college. In a recent phone conversation "I've got this Mom!" She is on the Ultimate Frisbee team, is a representative for her dorm, on a couple of committees and is getting the syllabus ~ scheduling ~ expectations down pat.
Josh is enjoying his senior year (though would love for the football team to win more often!). He has been voted in as a Junior Firefighter on a local VFD, he is really jazzed about that. ROTC and applying to colleges is going well, West Point is still his first choice.

I am so proud of both of them!

We are getting a few bell peppers and herbs, and handfuls of grape tomatoes---we have high hopes now that the temperatures are dropping at night the big tomatoes may actually put on fruit!

Cow News:
A friend and I traveled to Mississippi in early September to pick up Louise, she is a dream boat cow! Sweet, beautiful and a joy to have on the farm. Party was glad to see her arrive too, it meant a pasture mate for her! Louise is due to calve Oct 24-27th. Party is expecting too-- the last AI attempt was successful and she is due to calve in May!
Lizzie has gone to a new family with a beef herd and some milking experience in their past. We thank her for all she gave for us and being such a good girl, I'm sure she will be great for them too!
Unknown cow--we have consigned to buy a bred heifer from the recent World Expo Guernsey sale, as soon as she has some testing done and shipping can be arranged she will be headed to Texas.

Piggly Wiggly:
We bought a young gilt from a friend that raises Red Wattle pigs, and within a week of being here Rudy has bred both Spotty and the new girl "Curly-Q". This means in about 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days we should have some piglets!

Hens and ducks are all well, we have added a few more young ducks to the flock. I actually prefer cooking with and eating the duck eggs over the chicken eggs.

Foodie Fun:
I have used the new pressure cooker a few times and really like it! I have made ghee a couple of times, though I don't think I am doing it completely right. It wants to solidify after it cools. Is this normal? Some of the instructions and information I have seen online state it should stay liquid. Otherwise I am always on the hunt for a great recipe so if you have one send it!

Have a great week!


  1. All my ghee solidifies when room temp is cooler. In the heat of summer, it only partially solidifies.

    I would love to hear lots more on your pigs and your experiences with pigs. I'd love to keep pigs, but we're going with a couple feeder pigs first to see if we're any good with pigs!

  2. We have had 2+ feeder pigs every year for many years, it works well to raise more than one at a time (and then we have meat to share). They are fantastic omnivores who love it when I clean out the fridge or have a yucky batch of yogurt or something. This is our first foray into raising our own piglets to supply others, so far so good--they are easy keepers, and a pleasure to have.